Welcome to The Potts Family Tree genealogy web site which has been on the Internet since 1994.  This site contains family information on 10,289 individuals from 4,023 families and a total of 15,385 events in those individuals lives.  We have collected 1,926 supporting media item including photos (1,522) and newspaper articles (198) along with various other documents and audio surrounding those events.  There are 2,253 surnames in the family with the major ones being Anderson, Bayly, Brown, Campbell, Gibson, Graham, Gregg, Hall, Hanover, Langmead, Lavender, Lawson, Laycock, McCaig, Madill, Potts, Romanov, Starritt, Stewart, Strachan, Stuart, Vernon, Winmar.  Most of the events took place in the following countries:

Individual distribution chart

Individual distribution chart
Highest population  Lowest population  Nobody at all  

There are 5,452 males with an average life span of 56 and 4,833 Females with an averge life span of 59.

Average age related to death century

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You can view historical events and events of close relatives in relation to the life of the individual you are viewing.  To date I have documented historical event for Australia, Great Britian and the USA.  You must change the language in the menu bar to change the events you are viewing.  Select the Australian English to view Australian events, British English for UK events and US English to view US events. You must also place a tick in the box next to the type of events found on the Facts and Event s tab for the individual.


This site began due to the hard work of family members who had previously documented their family history.  In 1994 I decided to build my first web site and used these books for content.  This was the beggining of the journey that led to this site.  I have reproduced the books so they will not be lost and linked the individuals in the stories to their records in the tree:

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Members of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Maori communities are advised that this family tree contains names and images of deceased people.

All users and visitors should also be aware that certain words, terms or descriptions may be culturally sensitive and may be considered inappropriate today, but may have reflected the author's/creator's attitude or that of the period in which they were written.

On this day
Raymond Lawrence Gibson
Birth - 13 October 1952 (63 year anniversary) - Los Angeles, California, USA
Elizabeth Campbell
Death - 13 October 1942 (73 year anniversary)
Johann Detlef Rathjen
Death - 13 October 1936 (79 year anniversary)
Clara E. Potts
Death - 13 October 1926 (89 year anniversary)
Alexander Starritt
Leona Turner
Birth - 13 October 1903 (112 year anniversary) - Chanute, Kansas, USA
John Thomas Crozier
Birth - 13 October 1882 (133 year anniversary) - Undera, Victoria, Australia
Stephen Peter Dobson
Birth - 13 October 1881 (134 year anniversary) - Exton, Tasmania, Australia
Hannah Anne Lawson
Birth - 13 October 1816 (199 year anniversary) - Prospect, New South Wales, Australia
Sophia West Lawson
Birth - 13 October 1816 (199 year anniversary) - Prospect, New South Wales, Australia
Jean Scott
Jean De Dreux Ii Duke Of Brittany + Beatrix Of England
Marriage - 13 October 1260 (755 year anniversary) - St Denis, Paris, France
Matteo Rosso Orsini L Of Monte
Death - 13 October 1246 (769 year anniversary)
William IV De Warenne Earl Of Surrey + Maud Marshal
Marriage - 13 October 1225 (790 year anniversary)
Waleran De Beaumont-Le-Roger Earl Of Warwick
Death - 13 October 1204 (811 year anniversary)
Petronilla I Q Of Aragon
Death - 13 October 1173 (842 year anniversary) - Barcelona, Spain
Queen Consort Eleanor Of England
Birth - 13 October 1162 (853 year anniversary)
Robert I Count Of Flanders
Death - 13 October 1093 (922 year anniversary)
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